Love Photography? Win $250 Amazon Gift Card from

Do you have a talent and passion for photography? Whether you are a world traveler or a local explorer, there’s a fun photography contest that readers of The Rosie Diary might love. just launched their church photography contest, and the winner receives a $250 Amazon gift card. You can look back through your travel photo albums, or you can go out to your local church and snap a shot to submit!

Quick Tips to Stand Out

  1. Be creative:¬†Even if your local church isn’t covered in pink marble like the Duomo in Siena, you can still find ways to stand out. Explore textures, editing techniques, composition, and more.
  2. Be alert: The winner of the contest will be voted on by shortly after the 9/1/17 deadline. Keep an eye on your inbox or your phone for an incoming call.
  3. Submit a variety: You can submit up to 5 photos. This gives you a chance to share a variety of creative styles, even if it’s of the same church.
  4. Thank Rosie: If you submitted photos, let Rosie know too! Links to the church photography contest have been tagged. When you submit your photos, Rosie will get a chance to win if you win too!

How to Submit Your Photos

  • Find old photos (digital) or go take a few new ones.
  • Use this link to go to the contest submission page and read all of the rules.
  • Submit your photos. It’s that easy!

Good luck, and have fun! We can’t wait to see what you have to share with the community.

About the Author: Kevin Ekmark is a partner at, and is passionate about helping people find their local church community. 

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