A House Full of Memories

Well, it’s finally official! Documents have been signed, and our first house we purchased together is sold. It’s almost not real for us as we didn’t sign the paperwork, my dad went in to sign for us since we were are still in Jakarta. But this house had loads of memories.

The Rosie Diary- A House for of Memories pinterest

Jordan was just under a week old when we signed on this house making it a big memory for us.


I was never much of a green thumb, but with a littler determination and my little helper Dominic we did our first gardening project together.


We watched a lot of basketball in this house and even watched when the Boston Celtics won the 2008 title!


Dominic graduated Kindergarten the first year we were there too!


Then a few years later we brought home another bubba, Pierce.


On top of all that, my husband decided he needed to paint our half bath bright red! It was blinding, but hey I got my Tiffany blue dining room.



After Pierce, we added another member to our family, our little Duncan!


The boys loved to spend lazy afternoons on the hammock in the back yard.


Dominic and Jordan both got to celebrate first days of school in this house. Oh, and Pierce had to get in on the action too.


And we celebrated loads of holidays! Christmas always being our favorite.


Before we knew it, we were all packed and moved out to come to Jakarta.


We were really blessed to have my cousin rent our house from use for two years. But just like that, it’s time to let it go. We loved this house and all the memories that came with it, but we are so excited for the next chapter in our life when we go back home to Texas. Hope this house brings loads of memories for the next person.

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