Friday Top 5: Date Night Restaurants in Jakarta

Happy Friday Y’all! This week my top five Friday is going to be all about dining out! Like I’ve told you before, Aaron and I have our date night every Wednesday, and we have reflexology and dinner. Nothing huge and it’s not a fancy dinner either. But let me tell you, have eaten at loads of restaurants so why not share my top five favorite date night restaurants.

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When we first moved to Jakarta, we lived in an apartment that one of Aaron’s previous co-workers lived in it was not easily accessible to anything. So when we were looking for an apartment to move into when that lease was up, we wanted to make sure that we lived close enough to a place that had restaurants, grocery stores and other entertainment places nearby. Well, we hit the jackpot when we moved into our apartment, we live right next to one of the biggest and best malls in Jakarta, Kota Kasablanca Mall. It’s a three-minute walk across the parking lot to get there!

One of the nice things is they have a place called Food Society that has dozens of restaurants to choose to eat at on top of the fast food court in the basement.  I could easily say that we have eaten at least 95% of them.  So if you are headed to the mall for the weekend, or dinner one night, then these are my (or I should say our) top five places to eat.



Photo Credit: Casa de Peri


Casa de Peri

Casa de Peri is a Portuguese restaurant that makes some of the best chicken I have ever had! They have their Peri-Peri sauce which is the star of the dish! You can choose from different levels of heat for the sauce, but we always go with the hot! It’s pretty stinking spicy, but we can’t get enough of it! Our favorite is the Peri-Peri chicken breasts with salad and rice.


5502-Nasi Kuning_tanpa daun_2014.jpg

Photo Credit: Sate Khas Senayan


Sate Khas Senayan

So Sate Senayan is probably a favorite amongst expats and locals alike. It serves you guessed it, satay, and a whole lot more. Sate Senayan serves various Indonesian dishes in a relaxed atmosphere. Satay is one of their most popular dishes, but they have other really good dishes too. My favorite is Nasi Kuning Campur which is turmeric rice with different meat and vegetables. My favorite is that they give you toasted coconut to put on top and it is delicious!


Maison Tatsuya

A family favorite and place we go to celebrate the kids birthdays is Maison Tatsuya. It is your typical Westernized Japanese food. Think Benihana. The food is always great, and the kids enjoy the show by the cook. Best part, they have wonderful service. We hadn’t been in a for a while, but they all remembered us. My favorite is loads of veggies with the tenderloin and fried rice.



Photo Credit: Fish & Co.


Fish & Co.

Fish and chips have always been a favorite in our household, and we love Fish & Co. They have very reasonable prices, and their fish is super flaky and fried to perfection! Want to get a little crazy? They do different fish and chip flavors from around the world. While The Best Fish & Chips in Town is our favorite, I do enjoy the Bali Fish & Chips with Balinese Sambal Matah.


Screenshot (221).png

Photo Credit: Sushigroove



Last, but not least, is Sushi Grove. We love sushi, and this has some of our favorite sushi in Jakarta. You can get your typical rolls here but some of our favorites are Alligator, Angry Bird and Fire Island rolls are just a few. But to top off all of the yummy sushi, their drinks are to die for! Their blueberrillo has blueberries, strawberry, and tamarillo. Aaron’s favorite is the kiwi kiss which tastes like a jolly rancher!

Bonus Places!

Well, I did my favorite places in Food Society but like I said, at the mall, there is a slew of what they consider fast food places, and I have to say there are a few worth mentioning.



Photo Credit: Yoshinoya



Yoshinoya is a Japanese fast food chain that started in 1889. They have various rice bowls to choose from, but the beef bowl is the original. It is thin slices of marinated beef with onions. This is the one fast food places I don’t know how I will live without when we go back to the U.S. Kind of how I feel about Chick-Fil-A back home. You can get it as a packet with a fried shrimp, egg roll, and shumai. The kids ask for this one pretty frequently.


Wing Stop

We were so excited when we saw they had a Wing Stop here! Indonesians love chicken! Every time you past KFC it is packed, but there is nothing like a good chicken wing! Back home we would go to Buffalo Wild Wings to get their mango habanero wings. It was just in the past year that they got mango habanero, but the Cajun wings are always a favorite, just wish they served beer. This is our go-to when we need some home comfort food.

Hope you enjoyed my favorites for the week. Would love to hear some of your favorite places too!

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