Trusting the Lord: Deciding on Jakarta

Today is another day that I have learned how I just need to rely on the Lord and what his plans are for us. I want to write a couple of posts on this, but for today, I want to share with you the story of how it was decided that we would move to Jakarta.

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The Unkown

I remember all of this like it was yesterday. My husband came home and asked me what I thought about moving to Jakarta. First of all, I had no idea where Jakarta was so I had to do some googling. But as soon as I saw that it was in Indonesia my first response was no. Plain and simple, no. I was not moving to a third world country where the majority of the population was Muslim.

Of course not knowing about the country I had ideas of how our life would be. I was not ready to live in tropical weather and have to be completely covered up. I was not ready for our family to be attacked or persecuted because we are Christian, especially with three kiddos. I was not ready to live without potable water. I was concerned for my kid’s safety. I was concerned about the kids schooling. I, I, I… see the trend here. Yeah, it was all about me and what I thought.

But Aaron said he needed to apply for the job by Friday. My response was to go ahead, we will figure it out from there. So, of course, I told my parents the opportunity, and the first thing they said was pray about it. I knew that prayer was going to have to be a big part of this decision if it were going to happen, but little did I know that the Lord already had a plan for us and was going to show Himself in this decision-making process.

He Placed People In My Path

At the time I was traveling for work almost every week to San Diego, California. I was already a little stressed from work and all the travel and to add this on top of it. I knew that it could be a great career move for Aaron, but it was still a hard pill to swallow.

When traveling, I’m typically the person that gets on the plan, puts on my headphones and tries to make eye contact or talk as little to people as I possibly could, let alone ever talk about my personal life with anyone. Well the Lord had other plans for me. Each week as I flew I would sit next to people that the Lord placed in the right seat at the right time to help us make this decision.

The first flight was a man and an older woman who talked about their experiences of traveling and living abroad. They both talked about how amazing it was to see the world and experience things living in other countries. The woman, she had lived in SE Asia before and talked about how amazing Indonesia was. Well, they checked off the thoughts about the experience and how it would be living in SE Asia.

The next flight was a man that had also lived in some of the most dangerous countries in the world. We talked about safety and security for the kids. He rests assured that the media portrays it much worse than it is and that it’s just like traveling. You have to be aware of your surroundings and don’t put yourself in situations where safety would be an issue. Living in Houston is the same way. I wouldn’t walk around town at night by myself. The Lord knew I needed comforting about safety and he put this man here, and he did just that.

The final of my biggest concerns was the kid’s school. The lady I sat next to on the plane next to from San Diego to my layover in Denver had just moved back to the states after working abroad in Germany. Her job is to work with international students and help them integrate into university life in the U.S.  So boy, did she know a thing or two about schools abroad. I remember her exact words to me were, “your kids will get the best education ever living abroad!” And it wasn’t just about school education; it was education on how other countries and cultures learn. How to interact with people from all over the world! I never thought in a million years about international private schools and how the international community is still leaps and bounds further in education than the U.S. I also never thought about how them interacting and making friends with students all over the world. We still didn’t even know if it would be an option for our kids!

Knowing His Will

But we landed in Denver, and I remember having just peace and calmness that I know the Lord gave me about deciding if moving would be for us. As soon as I could get situated, I remember calling Aaron and telling him okay, if you are offered the job I think we should go. It was then that he told me he had his final interview and it was looking promising.

It was just a few weeks later that he got the official call that he was offered the Dean of Student Success for Lone Star College Jakarta, a new partnership with the Sampoerna University here in Indonesia. It was going to be quick as he needed to be there two weeks from then so we had to move fast.

Isn’t it amazing how the Lord works? I know it’s not always easy to place our trust in the Lord but when we do it makes life so much easier! If I would had just put my trust in God from the get go, and let him be in control, it would had been an easier decision. But God allowes the right people to come into my life to help make the decision. But hey, he already knew that was how it was going to happen.

I have other times that the Lord has made it clear to rely on him, and I will share those with you soon.


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