Top 5 Articles of the Week: Expat Life

Yeah! It’s Friday, or as I like to tell the kids it’s FRI-YAY! So have been thinking about topics to write about and I figured Friday’s would be a fun day to share with you some of my favorites! Some ideas I had to share are things like my favorite pictures, Instagram accounts, blogs, food, music, places, etc. So if there is something you would like to know what I like, please be sure and ask!

This week I did tons of reading! You can find loads of articles and research that talk about how the smartest people in the world read and read a lot. Two years ago Mark Zuckerberg committed to reading a book every other week. Some people have said that Warren Buffet reads four to five hours a day! At work, one of our core values is intentional learning. While I have always enjoyed reading and learning, my selection of reading has changed as I have gotten older. There are loads of people that love to read books related to their industry, especially how to books, or books giving their advice. While I do read those sometimes, I enjoy reading for pleasure, and for work reading case studies and articles.

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This week I just happened to read lots of articles written by expats. For those of you who don’t know what an expat is, an expat is an expatriate,  person that temporarily resides in a country other than that of their citizenship.  We can go deeper into this, but I’ll save it for another time.

But I love to hear about experiences from people all over the world. This week, I want to share with you five articles that I enjoyed and why I enjoyed them.

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Don’t Apologize for the Good Bits

I read this article, and it made my heart hurt. I have been so blessed with amazing family and friends who have never once told me to stop sharing my photos of our travels and experiences. I think I would just unfriend someone, family or not if they told me to stop. But I could totally see the sister-in-law’s point of view. As an expat yes, we do have some privileges that most other people may never have. Traveling is a big one. But hopefully, people understand that we share them because we want people to see the amazing experience we are having and it’s a release for us. Being an expat isn’t always rainbows and unicorns, but we don’t show that on social media very often. I know for me personally I have shared quite a few of our downs but mostly our ups. And isn’t that what everyone pretty much does anyway? But I think this goes for anything in life. We should never apologize for the good things that happen to us. I think the world needs more joy and happiness and sometimes sharing that can help others. It’s easy to be negative, but I think we need to work putting more joy into the world and learning how to encourage and be happy for others too.



Chatting with my Third Culture Kids

This one was so much fun, and I can’t wait to ask my kids the same questions. The original questions from this blog/podcast came from Jerry Jones at The Culture Blend. Jerry posted an article, rather a challenge, to ask expat parents ten questions. This mum asked her kids these questions, and she received the sweetest, most genuine answers! But on top of that, it’s amazing to see how kids, no matter how small develop their thoughts and feelings, and they are a lot of times deeper than know. This was a great article, rather a podcast, that will put a smile on your face.


Photo Credit: Huffington Post

A letter to friends and family

Oh boy, did this one resonate with me this week. This week I wrote an article about my feelings on repatriating back to the U.S. I talked about how I was different, how home is different, and how I’m having anxiety about going back. In A letter to friends and family, she talks about how until she was 12 she moved around to different countries. Had different experiences that shaped the way she looked at life. I especially like how she got personal and raw and said this, “And yet, it’s all the façade – the ‘Armadillo’ I’ve come to call myself. I’ve a very tough exterior, and only a few know that I’m actually ridiculously insecure, extremely sensitive, and have battled almost all my life with a lack of self-confidence.” WOW! The tears started rolling because that is exactly how I would describe myself too. But the fact that she is very honest was so refreshing. I just enjoyed hearing her perspective of being a TCK.



3 Ways to Care for the Heart of Your Third Culture Kid

Man, did I need to read this one three years ago! I must have been a little emotional this week cause this one brought tears to my eyes too. The biggest reason why this one made an impact on me because it talked about letting our kids feel all the emotions. I have never been one that talks about my emotions let alone show my emotions. My mom tells me when I was a kid I would bottle it all in. But after reading this, I realized that I do the same. I don’t do it because they are boys, I just do it because I don’t know how to deal with emotions and am the person that feels like you should just get over it. I have been the parent that has told the boys, “this is a great experience for you, and you should be blessed that we get to do it.” Asking them questions about living abroad and their experience has been easier this past year, but this made me think more about their emotions.

Expat Life: Sunshine and Sadness

This one goes along with the first article. The author talks about the ups and downs of being an expat but how people who just don’t understand put it back on us. That we chose this life and we have to deal with it. Yes, we did chose this life but just because we did, does that not give us the right to talk about the ups and downs? Is being an expat and how we live our life that different than any other person choosing to live their life just cause it’s different? I just love how she gives a great perspective about how people react and how most of us expats feel.

Well, I hope you enjoyed these articles, and maybe they will give you a little insight to expat life. Would love to hear your thoughts too!


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