Design Ideas: My Future Office

Yesterday I wrote about my feelings about us moving back to the U.S. But I have to admit, one of the things I’m excited about is us buying a new house and furnishing and decorating said house. We decided to sell our house earlier this year before we knew we were coming home and will be closing on the house in the next week. But before we left Houston three years ago we decided that we would get rid of all of our furniture except our dining room table. We figured if we eventually come back to Houston it would be good to have everything new and start fresh!

The Rosie Diary- Design Ideas- My Future Office pinterest.png

One of the big reasons we decided to sell our house is we need a bigger house but most importantly one with a dedicated office space. I have worked from home for the past five years. Here in Jakarta, we have a three bedroom apartment, and there is just no space for an office. So my office tends to be the kitchen table, a small desk area in our room, or even Starbucks at the mall.

At our home in Houston, our master bedroom was large enough that I just had my desk in there. So I worked ten steps away from the bed. Yup…I would get up, get the hubby and kids off for the day, grab a cup of coffee and head back to my room to work, in my pajamas most days. But Aaron has made it very clear, an office and work are not allowed in the bedroom anymore.

I mean, I get it. I work from home and having an office in our room wouldn’t allow me to walk away cause it was right there! All the time! Being the amazing husband, Aaron is he said that I must have my own office and has given me the liberty to decorate it any way I want!

I’m excited about this. I haven’t had my own office since I worked at Sandia Resort & Casino seven years ago! So I did what any person would do, I got on Pinterest and started pinning ideas.

So I have decided that the theme for my office is all about adventure and wanderlust. I have always had a spirit of adventure and want to travel the world, and now that we have traveled so much the past three years, no one in our family wants to stop. I realize we won’t be jet setting on the weened to Bali, or popping over to Malaysia for a few days cause we can, but there are loads of adventures we can have in our city and around the U.S.

This is the layout I want for my office.



Photo Credit: Copy Cat Chic


Over the past few years, we have collected items from every place we have been. Replicas of building, art, artifacts, etc. and I want to use the shelves to display all of our items for people to see! But I have found some awesome projects to use as decorations too!



No longer available on Etsy




Photo Credit: CheekyAlbi on Etsy


For my job, I need to be in a creative mindset most of the time. So I want my space to be clean and bright! My favorite colors are mint and Tiffany blue. I just think they are bright and happy! That is why I fell in love with Behr’s 2017 color trends comfortable pallet. It’s full of soft neutrals and pastels that I think will help me relax, focus, and be in a good space every day.

Another thing I’m excited about is that I want to build my desk. Well, I want to build some of our furniture throughout the house. Thanks to the ladies over at Shanty2Chic and their weekly inspirational videos, I figured why not save a few bucks and get exactly what I want! I love their plans for this desk. The best part is I could customize it a little more to make it bigger!



Photo Credit: Shanty2Chic


I know it may sound crazy, but I’m mostly excited about organizing and office supplies! I can’t wait to get home just in time for all the school supplies to be on sale and buy tons of office supplies!  Yes, I’m the obsessive one that needs to have the perfect pens to write with and doesn’t like to share in fear that someone won’t return my pen. But to have fun, coordinated office supplies is like a dream! I’ve already been on the Kikki-K website picking out everything I want. I love their products.



So yes, last night I spent lots of time pinning new ideas for my office so thought I would share with you some of the things I found. It’s fun to have something exciting to look forward to and something that I can create and call my own! I can’t wait to share with you the finished product in a few months.




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