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For the past five years, I have been super blessed that I work from home. I am the director of marketing for a coaching and training company in the U.S. and kept my job when we moved from Texas to Indonesia. Working from home has its perks. I have three boys, so I’m usually pretty busy mom. Living in Jakarta, I have had to take my kids back and forth to school, so it affords me the flexibility to be there for them at school, take them to doctors appointments, be home and not miss work when they are sick, and most importantly not miss work when I’m sick.

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You guessed it, this week I have been in bed with the flu. Yes, the flu, again! I know, it seems like for the past year or so I have had the flu or some type of viral infection every three or four months. I don’t know if it is that often, but it sure does feel that way. Anyhow, when I’m sick I typically try to keep going at my regular pace which is crazy right? Because I mean we know that rest is the biggest key to getting well faster. Well, this time I listened to mom and had stayed in bed and rested. So that means I get to work from bed, in my pajamas, and between naps. But since my head has been pretty foggy I haven’t worked on much of my creative list. But what I have worked on is watching movies! Yup, being sick has its perks, lots of TV and lots of movies! So I figured I would share a few of my favorite movies with you. It was hard to narrow down especially since there are so many I could watch over and over again, but I figured I would share a few!



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What is there not to love about this movie? It has two of my favorite actors: Liam Neeson because he reminds me of my dad and Bradley Cooper who has been my Hollywood crush for as long as I can remember. But four guys, who are hilarious, and go on crazy missions to fight bad guys? Doesn’t get much better than that right?



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Friends With Benefits

I love this movie, and most people have never heard of it. Friends with Benefits stars Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis who are just the cutest people in the whole world! She is a recruiter, and he is a creative editor. She recruits him to work at GQ magazine, and they become friends with benefits and eventually fall in love. Reminds me of another story I know, but that’s for another time.



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The Blind Side

Now I have to admit, the book is better than the movie but, Sandra Bullock did an amazing job in this movie. I love the story of a homeless teen taken in by a wealthy family. Leigh Anne Touhy just has the biggest heart and shows that love has no limits! I cry every single time I watch this movie and hope one day I could be like here and change someone’s life.


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Pitch Perfect

I’ll never forget the first time I watched this. Aaron came home and was like I got this baseball movie called Pitch Perfect. We were about half an hour in and was like, this is not a baseball movie but oh my gosh I love it! A bunch of hilarious women, who sing awesome songs acapella, makes for some good laughs. Glad that my kids even like it too.


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I have had a small obsession with Liam Neeson for some time now. Like I said, he totally reminds me of my dad. The blue eyes, both having a particular set of skills, and the rugged looks like they can lay on some major hurt!



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Pretty Woman

When I was a young teen all I wanted to do was watch this movie for whatever reason. Probably because my aunt was ten years older than me and she would watch it, and I had to do everything she did. I remember hiding and locking the door to the tv room at my weta and weto’s house to sneak and watch this movie. But seriously, the clothes and the face that even a prostitute could fall in love? Makes you think anything could happen.



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My Best Friends Wedding

This one also has Julia Roberts as the main star, who happens to be one of my favorite actresses of all time. She is a food critic, and her best friend is a sports writer and a guy. The two of them have been best friends for years and shared loads of experiences together, and then one day he surprises her and tells her she is getting married! I know right! MARRIED! She figures out she is in love with him and tries to sabotage the wedding but in the end lets him go so he can be happy. This movie also related to me too. I didn’t try and sabotage my best friends wedding or anything but felt this same way about my guy best friend too. Again, another story for another time.



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Marvel Movies – Yes All of Them

For time’s sake, I figured I wouldn’t list every single one of them out and would just lump all of the Marvel movies together in one. Spider-man, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America, love them all! The movies have all gotten better with time too.  But I could watch any of the Marvel movies over and over again. What can I say, I’m a comic/action junkie!



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Bourne Series

Long story short, Jason Bourne is a character from a book series written by Robert Ludlum. Jason Bourne is part of a top-secret special forces team and later joins a program called Treadstone, a black ops program in the CIA making him one of the most dangerous assassins in the world. The only problem is he wants to find out who he is and Treadstone doesn’t want that to happen. Great series of action movies, still mad that Nicky was killed.



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Jack Ryan – All of Them

Last on my list is Jack Ryan. I know it’s not the title of all the movies but this character created by Tom Clancy. I remember my dad reading Clancy books when I was a kid and the first time I watched Hunt for Red October I was probably 10 or 11, and it was way over my head. But by the time I saw Patriot Games, I could understand it more, and I loved it. Again, Jack Ryan is a CIA analyst who always finds out about plans of major acts of terror and stops them or brings them to light.

So there you have it, my favorite movies that I can watch over and over again. There are a few more I could add to the list like Kingsman: The Secret Service, Forest Gump, The Divergent Series, Beaches, The Proposal, Something’s Gotta Give, and more but I can save those for another time. If you didn’t gather from the movies, I’m an action junkie! In a far off second, you will catch me watching a rom-com, but I will still take an action movie any day. I’d love to hear what your favorites are too!

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