A Little Slice of Heaven in Jakarta

This past week we had two birthdays in our house. My two younger guys, Jordan and Pierce, are just a few days apart. It was a great week, and of course, we got to load up on the cake! I mean, is a birthday complete without some amazing cake? It was bittersweet as we were celebrating our last birthdays here in Jakarta.

The Rosie Diary- A Little Slice of Heaven in Jakarta pinterest

When I was a birthday party manager for iT’Z in Houston, we knew that the only cake worth eating was one with buttercream frosting! Yup, anyone who brought a whipped cream cake got the stank eye, and those cakes were dismissed immediately. So the first time we tried cupcakes at one of the local places we in the mall we knew immediately that these were nothing like home. They cake wasn’t moist, the frosting was a mix between bad buttercream and whipped cream frosting, and was tasteless.  We were just turned off immediately and didn’t think we would find a good cake. That’s until we found this amazing little bakery called Cake Lab!

cake lab shop

This cute littler bakery is in the Tebet area of Jakarta. You can go in for a slice of cake, cupcakes, a full cake or even some other sweet treats. For the past three years, we have celebrated every birthday at Cake Lab. The first birthday we celebrated is Dominic’s birthday, and that’s when we tried the Hershey’s Cake and fell in love!


This cake tastes like layers of chocolate brown cake, with crunchy chocolate pearls covered in a chocolate ganache. Needless to say, it is chocolate overload but delicious! We enjoyed the Hershey’s Chocolate cake so much that we had them make Jordan’s birthday soccer cake, and it was beautiful!


But for this birthday we tried something new. We went with Cake Lab’s Toblerone caramel cheesecake! We all loved it! We are going to miss our little gem near our house. The past three years we have had some great memories here, and delicious cake too! Cake Lab will always have a special place in our heart as we made lots of great memories there. So if you ever happen to be in Jakarta, swing by and grab a slice!



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