Brunch with Friends

Today was such a fantastic day. All the ladies I played golf with, along with our husbands and kids went and had brunch at Rosso at the Shangri-la Hotel here in Jakarta.  It’s amazing how expats can meet once and just connect with each other. My friend Tracey, who asked me to play golf with the team and I have been friends for some time now, and I know her husband too. Another mum, Allison and I had interacted a few times as our kids played on the school soccer team together, and then Karen I met for the first time at the golf tournament. So bringing our husbands and kids into the fold was loads of fun.


But that’s the story of expat life. You typically meet people through a friend, and a lot of times, even though you may not become close friends, you have an instant connection because you are an expat. You relate to each other because of backgrounds, experiences, and just being in the same city together.

So today it was just fun to be with new people and have new conversations and hear stories of how they go to where they are now. Of course, it’s like any other time you meet new people; there are tons of questions about where you are from and what you do. But get a few drinks in us, we get past all of that quick and just start talking like we have known each other forever.We talked about golf, sports, kids, housing markets, our countries and more. But the conversation never stopped. It was even fun to seek the kids, who ranged from age six to thirteen interact with each other too.

So yes, overall today was great. Aaron said he had originally not wanted to go but glad that he did. Just stinks that it has taken me three years to open myself up a little more and work on making more, or new, friendships in Jakarta. Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t ask for a better group of ladies that I have been friends with, but would have been fun to know even more people. So I guess the moral of the story is don’t wait too long to open yourself up to new relationships. You may connect with them sooner and faster than if you hold back.

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