Another Check Off My Bucket List

As I was preparing to set up my blog this week and write, I stumbled upon a very old Bucket List from almost ten years ago. Talk about a blast from the past! It made me think about how I needed to mark a few items off, take a few items off that aren’t important to me anymore and add new ones!

But what made me giggle was on my list was to learn how to play golf. The reason why I giggled about that was that I look back and remember that I wanted to learn to play because I knew that people did business on the golf course. But this week, I played my first ever 18 holes!


A few weeks ago my friend Tracey asked me to play in the BWA golf tournament. She is an amazing golfer who has had lessons and golfed pretty often. I don’t know how she did it, but I was completely sober and said yes, I would play in the tournament with you.  I know, what was I thinking?

The first time I ever picked up a golf club and hit a golf ball was last summer when I took my boys to Top Golf. If you don’t know what Top Golf is, or have never been, I highly suggest checking it out. It was loads of fun, and more than anything I couldn’t believe I could make contact the ball consistently and I could hit it far! Okay, maybe not far, but for a beginner, I was able to hit it over 160 yards. I thought that was pretty good.

I have to say; I was crazy nervous going into this, especially since I had been on the road with vacation and work for the past two and half weeks and hadn’t even gone to the driving range for a practice session! But this past Monday, Tracey took me out to the driving range, gave me a little lesson, and tons of encouragement.

But yesterday was magic! I played 18 holes of golf in a Texas scramble tournament with three other gals on our team, and I loved it! It was hot. It was long. It was hard. But it was FUN! I kept pulling the ball to the right, missed the ball once, and lost one ball in the water. But when I made good contact it was magic!


So it may have taken me ten years to get here, and I still don’t know everything about golf, but I do know that I love the game and feel confident that it’s another check off my bucket list!

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